Compositional Dietary Nutrition Ontology (CDNO) .... you are what you eat

Structured terminologies to describe nutritional attributes contributing to human diet.

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An OBO Foundry Ontology

CDNO is registered with OBO Foundry, and has been developed in conjunction with other OBO Foundry ontologies.

CDNO dietary nutritional components

Dietary Nutritional Components

Ten upper level subclasses and hierarchical classification for >500 terms used to describe chemical food composition.

nutritional concentration diet cdno

Nutritional Concentration

The starting point for CDNO - quantifying food composition

CDNO nutrition harvest to health

Harvest to Health

Use cases focusing on variation in plant genetic resources and agricultural supply chains.


Dietary Roles

A biological role may be assigned to a dietary nutritional component based on evidence that supports a function defined at different levels


Nutritional Attributes

Attributes that inhere in a food material or any nutritional component and may contribute to a dietary role.

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